“Our house is a much happier place now.”

– Pete and Janine

Parenting and Family Relationships

Because ‘getting on’ isn’t always a given.

Yet when you know the trick of ‘how to’ you’ll thank yourself you invested in your family’s wellbeing.

You’ll also be amazed at how a little help can go a long way to solving family relationship problems that you’ve been putting up with. Maybe it’s the arguments to get simple tasks done like getting young children ready for bed or the conflict before homework time.

Things you have come to expect as challenging. This is the ultimate rut to be stuck in as your level of family contentment has been stretched to accommodate less than best communication, behaviour and therefore overall life experience.

Thankfully, using our proven psychology-based DISCĀ® profiling process, Personal Analysis can help and support you to make positive changes.

Behaviour is learnt, both consciously and unconsciously – and as such can be re-learnt and changed. The magic is in understanding a person before you try to understand their behaviour. As parents we have had the benefit firsthand of enjoying the results with our own families as well as our clients’.

If you experience communication challenges or would like to regain control of how much joy you get from parenting, please get in touch. Our initial consultation is free and like the many other families we have worked with, you’ll be a step closer to a happier home.

Get your family relationship problems sorted with us:

Behavioural Profiling
  • Individual Personal Analysis
  • Couples Analysis
  • Teen Behavioural Analysis

All tailored for small groups of up to 20.

  • The Five Love Languages
  • Understanding Different Children and their Different Needs
  • Individual
  • Couples