“Taking Personal Analysis’ approach, the business saved time, a lot of money and disruption.”

– Christine Howitz, HR Advisor


Money doesn’t make the world go around, people do.

A challenging statement to a CFO perhaps. Without doubt financial liquidity, profit and loss are the success metrics of many organisations, both commercial and not-for-profit.

More influentially and importantly it’s the goals and objectives of a successful organisation that will cause staff to perform to their best. But even if your business or team has a great goal, with total buy-in from all stakeholders, you need the right people in the right roles that leverage their strengths. That’s when true teamwork takes place. Any other human resource strategy or mindset is writing in unnecessary risk and shifts recruitment budgets into an area of cost rather than investment.

Partnering with Personal Analysis to receive psychology-based DISCĀ® profiling could be the start of a profitable relationship for both your business and your employees. As a full service provider Personal Analysis will consult, design and deliver profiling, coaching and workshops that focus on ensuring the best structure and optimum performance of your people; individuals, pairs and teams. By applying our skills and experience to 360 Feedback initiatives, aptitude reporting and performance analysis, we provide a specialist and valued partnership with businesses and organisations both large and small.

Start a better relationship with your business and employees:

Behavioural Profiling
  • Individual Personal Analysis
  • Work Pair Analysis
  • Team Analysis
  • Recruitment Profiling & Reports
  • Vocational Aptitude Reports
  • 360 Feedback for teachers and principals

All tailored for small groups of up to 20.

  • Behavioural Awareness and People Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • GROW Model
  • SMART Goals
  • Individual