About Personal Analysis

Personal Analysis offers professional services specialising in personality profiling and performance development & management.

With over 20 years of combined industry experience, Personal Analysis was established in 2011 by Deb Werndly and Kate Trevillian. The key objective is to help individuals and organisations thrive by aligning personality profiles and natural occurring success behaviours with roles that suit best suit them. Additionally Deb and Kate successfully apply their skills to uncovering the hidden potential within the structure of relationships, both in the workplace and families.



Kate Trevillian

An experienced and qualified Extended DISC Consultant, trainer, certified coach and certified NLP practitioner, Kate brings both a wealth of knowledge and a genuine desire to improve the relationships of others. Naturally curious with an ability to understand others’ points of view, Kate’s experience as a trainer spans over 15 years. Following the loss of her mother to cancer in 2011 she took the opportunity to reflect on what was professionally important to her and in 2012 joined co-founder Deb Werndly to help people have happier, more connected and profitable relationships.


Deb Werndly

For over 20 years Deb’s fascination with human behaviour has been her driving motivation to help others achieve better performance results. With qualifications as an Extended DISC Consultant, certified coach and NLP practitioner she spent many years in the aviation industry developing skills in communication and people management. Her personal life experience, growing up as peacekeeper in a household where conflict between strong personalities was constant, influenced Deb’s passion to help others. She subsequently founded Personal Analysis in 2011 and along with Kate is passionate about client collaboration to solve their people problems, creating mutual understanding and thereby giving everyone the opportunity of a personal strategic advantage.